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Filipino Horror/Ghost stories and Scary Encounters

By jfuji001


When I was around 10 to 12 years old, I used to hear unusual sounds like footsteps but no one is around. I also used to see dark shadows on the corner of my eye and even a pair of feet while taking a bath at night. This is when I’m still living in our ancestral house in San Fernando, La union and I’m always telling it to my mom.

Having an Ilocana mom is kind of weird. She’s telling me a lot of weird stuff about her experiences when she was on my age.

She told me that she was courted by a headless man or “pugot” in tagalog who lives in a coconut tree at the backyard of our house and they invited an “albularyo” or a native healer to cast away that headless man. She said that it was successful and the headless man never returned.

One day, it was a rainy afternoon, my dad just got home from Manila. He asked to make him a cup coffee. I went to  the kitchen to get a cup, coffee and sugar. I am about to boil the water when suddenly, I saw a man standing outside the door. I can clearly see him since our door is wide open. I’m pretty sure it was a man. He is wearing a brown cloak it looks really, really old and dirty. It looks like a cloak of an old Spanish priest but the weird thing is, I can’t see a head. It looks like there was a black whole on that part of his body. I’m about to approach him then suddenly, he walked away. I searched for it but it was gone.

I get back to kitchen, made a cup of coffee and gave it to my dad. I told my mom what happened, but she speechless.

I cant forget that afternoon. I’m taking a bath that night thinking what the hell did I just see.Few moments after, between the gap of the shower curtain and the floor, there was pair of feet walking outside the bathroom. I opened the curtain to see nothing. I told to myself that it was just nothing.

After 2 days, me and my mom went to my grandma’s house. She’s quite old but she’s unbelievably strong and her eyesight is still clear and her memory is still sharp. I wonder what’s her secret.

I told my grandma 2 days before then suddenly, her eye grew wider. She told me that the ‘THING” that I saw is a wandering spirit of a headless Spanish priest. She told me during the Japanese occupation here in the Philippines, there’s a lot of people were killed by Japanese soldiers. Most of them, were beheaded. They attacked the nearby church and they killed the nuns and the priest and they decapitated the priest’s head. Their bodies were thrown on the nearby stream together with other people that was killed and never received a proper burial. It’s spirit is wandering in our community looking for its head. And anyone who saw this priest, will be sick. I told her that I didn’t believe her and she’s just trying to scare me but she told me that she isn’t joking. She saw the people on that stream when she was a kid and the headless priest is one them. I didn’t respond and ask my mom to get a snack for me.

Later that day, I felt weird like I wanna puke or something. im having chills but it was summer and it was really really hot that day. i feel dizzy as well and suddenly, i passed out.

I woke up because of an awful smell. it was sulfur. it was used by priests and native healers to cast away spirits. then i can hear the woman with really long white hair chanting. I am ilocano but she’s speaking a different language. i dont know if that was Spanish or Latin?  i dont know. shes holding a candle, a bowl with water in it and 3 grains of rice. she put the 3 grains of rice on the bowl and one of them floats. she get the grain using the spoon and ask me to get up and drink the water from the bowl. after drinking it, i suddenly felt ok. she said that it was a holy water. after that, she asked me to go out where i saw the headless priest and ask my parents to stay inside. im holding the candle and the woman is holding a plate with native chicken’s egg, cooked brown rice and assorted fruits. she ask me to close my eyes and bow my head. she started talking but i still dont understand. she’s like talking to someone. after few moment, the woman ask me to open my eyes and leave the candle. she also left the plate with foods and ask me to go inside. the woman told to my parents to look after me since I have  an open third eye and there’s a chance that i’ll be seeing more unknown entities. the woman advised me to always pray if i ever seeing one. the woman left our home and i felt so relieved. I’m so thankful to her. the priest didn’t come back.

im already an adult and i keep seeing things but im used to it already. from the day that i knew i have this unusual gift, i wanna activate this gift so i can help these unknown entities to move on and go to the place where they belong.

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