Little Boy Blue

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Little Boy Blue

Filipino Horror/Ghost stories and Scary Encounters

By Matthew from YourGhostStories


ave you ever had an encounter with a spirit, an entity or something paranormal, but you were not aware of it until someone told you so? This is such an experience that I had in the office when I was working late. So before I start the story let me get into the details first. My name is Matt, I work in a call center here in Manila Philippines. So since we have to adjust our schedule to the country we are catering, most of us in the call center world usually work the graveyard shift. So on with my story…

I had this experience with a little boy in the elevator. He was about 3 feet tall and was always wearing blue. We would always share the elevator during my break at 3:00 am and he would always go down on the 4th floor, my office was located on the 6th floor by the way, and I would always bid him goodbye and he would just walk away without saying a word. There were times when I tried talking to him but he would just put his head down and wouldn’t talk. So I was scared that I might offend him with my talking, so every time I see him I just kept quiet.

So after a few encounters with the kid, I started thinking of certain things. 1. who’s parents does this kid belong to and 2. what is he doing in the building during those hours. So after a few days of not seeing the kid anymore, and with some luck, I finally had the chance to catch the guards down stairs in the lobby to ask them about the kid. (because usually during the grave yard shift, they would do their routine rounds on the building).

What happened next made the hair on the back of my neck rise! I told the guards that I have been seeing a young boy on the elevator and asked who he was and what he might be doing in the building during those late hours. One of the guards smiled and said, “little boy blue, 4th Floor right?”. And I told him that he was right, and asked what was on the 4th floor. “Nothing!” he exclaimed. It turned out that the 4th floor had been vacant for 3 years now. They also told me that sometimes when they are making their rounds, that they would spot the boy on the 4th floor running through corners of the hallway and when they turn to look where the boy went, they would find that no one is there. I can feel my face turning pale and my heart pounding with fear.

After that I never had an encounter with the kid anymore, but sometimes the elevator still stops on the 4th floor and you could hear a giggle of a little boy in the cold and wide hallways of the Harrison building.

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