White Entity

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White Entity

Filipino Horror/Ghost stories and Scary Encounters

By Chezka From YourGhostStories


This is one story that still haunts me until this day. I am the type of person who does not believe in ghosts but have learned to respect their reasons for being on our plane. I belong to a group of friends who were really into the paranormal things that are happening around us. Being in this type of crowd I could not help myself in believing a swell (with the way they tell their stories), and being dragged into opening my sixth sense. Call it peer pressure but I guess thats just the way it is.

For a few days, nothing out of the extra ordinary was happening. So I told myself, “hey maybe it didn’t work”. Given the fact that I did not believe in those type of beings, I thought perhaps the ceremony had no effect on me. Then it happened, one night I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted a glass of water. I was so thirsty that it could not wait until morning. So I went down for a cold drink. After filling my glass with water from the container, I closed the fridge’s door. Standing beside me was a white figure with bloody red eyes. I was so scared that I dropped the glass on my hand and closed my eyes and prayed. When I open my eyes there was no one there, so I figured it was just my imagination.

So to help me sleep, I had this great idea of watching T.V. to help me doze off. So I got the remote and pointed to the direction of the television. Now before I could even turn the T.V. on I saw on the black screen that the white figure was standing behind me with a big grin on her face this time together with her bloody eyes. This was the last draw, I ran up to my mom’s room and slept beside her until morning came.

The next day I asked the group to take their so called gift from me because I could not take it anymore and that I never wanted to see the white figure again.

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